Introducing the TASS - Edstart Integration

Posted by Sophie Costello on May 27, 2022 9:43:49 AM

TASS is pleased to welcome Edstart as our latest integration partner, providing schools more flexibility to offer payment options that work for their parents.

With Edstart, schools receive upfront payments to help improve their finances, while parents have flexibility and choice with their school fee payments.


Who is Edstart?

Edstart is a leading technology and financial services company providing funding and payment services for education. They offer fee management solutions to schools and tailored payment plans to their parents.

Founded by a passionate team of Australian education and finance specialists, their goal is to help people fund their education in a sustainable, flexible, and low-cost manner.

Edstart’s fee management solutions provide schools with stable and predictable cash flow, allow families to align school fees with their budgets, and help schools maintain sustainable enrolments.

We're excited to be partnering with TASS, who share our vision on innovation in the education sector. We look forward to working together to deliver more solutions to schools and their parent community.

- Jack Stevens
Edstart CEO


What is the TASS-Edstart Integration?

TASS' new Edstart integration provides schools and parents with more options when it comes to fees and other ad-hoc payments.

Once they have set up an account with Edstart, schools just need to add the service as a new payment gateway provider and update parent permissions to access the new menu.

Once it's set up, schools can process Edstart transactions like any other payment, with no extra processing or system changes.

Parents will then have a new 'Payment Plan' menu on the school fees page, where they can create a payment plan with Edstart, see the status of their application, view the current balance of their school fees, and see recent and upcoming payments from Edstart.


Why has TASS Integrated with Edstart?

TASS is committed to providing as much flexibility and choice to our customers as possible, and Edstart's unique fee management solution helps schools give parents the same flexibility.

As Edstart CEO, Jack Stevens put it:

We wanted to improve the experience for parents at our partner schools on the TASS platform by making it easier for them to access flexible payment options for their school fees. Through this integration, we make it seamless for families where they're able to set up an Edstart account via the TASS Parent Lounge and choose the payment schedule that works for them.

TASS will continue to support existing payment methods alongside the Edstart integration and keep seeking new opportunities to give schools even more flexibility when it comes to the systems and services they use alongside TASS.


When is the Integration Available?

The TASS-Edstart integration was introduced in the recent Version 56 release, and is available now for interested schools that have upgraded to the latest version.

If you're interested in learning more about Edstart's fee management solutions, click here for more information, or reach out to Gillian Ogilvie:

Gillian Ogilvie, Head of Schools
0432 998 802


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